See the Top 4 Online Stores With the Best App Ratings (No. 1 Is the Best)


The world of online shopping has really grown from being something people are skeptical about to being very popular amongst lovers of convenient shopping.
And this comes as no surprise considering how much work online stores have put into making this possible.
Amongst the various methods various stores have employed to gain the favor of buyers and keep abreast with competition, launching their mobile apps is definitely most people’s favorite. Shopping on a mobile app makes things way easier for shoppers and aids ease of navigation around the various sites, which is something we can all appreciate.
Going by the different ratings given by users of online shopping apps in Nigeria.
Here are the top 4 stores with the best ratings:
1. has taken the Nigerian market by storm and seems ready to not back off on taking the number spot at any time. prides itself as being the number one online market place in Nigeria, with the widest variety of goods and services available to buyers. also makes selling very easy and convenient for users, so whether you are interested in purchasing or selling off items, is the place for you.
It is no wonder the Jiji mobile app takes the first position on this list with an impressive 4.3 star rating on Google app store. Perhaps the other stores can take a few hints from them and become just as popular.
Jumia is another popular online store in Nigeria that simply has to be mentioned on this list considering how much buzz they raise in the world of online shopping; however, it is obvious they have not been able to perfect their game considering that they also do not hold the top position on this list and still fall behind another online store that buyers seem to prefer, considering their current app ratings. This leaves them at the 2nd position on our list.
The mobile app currently has a 4.2 rating on Google play store.
This particular online store became quite popular amongst Nigerians from being one of the first online stores that allow almost anybody sell off almost anything they want, whether new or fairly used, which also means people who cannot afford the pricey new products can go for cheaper used ones. It however seems they are missing something vital as they still don’t top the list of Nigerian’s favorites according to their app rating.
The Olx mobile app currently has a 4.2 star rating on Google play store.
Konga online store comes 4th on the list. It is no surprise that Konga made this list considering how much it has grown in popularity since inception. Konga has a wide variety of sellers on their platform, which automatically translates to a large variety of goods and services, it however does not seem to be the shoppers’ favorite judging from their ratings on Google app.
The mobile app currently has a 4.1 rating on Google play store.
Have you used any of the mentioned mobile apps? Which of them is your favorite?

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