How to Get Cheap Forex From Your Bank

On a daily basis, individuals demand for foreign exchange because of the need to meet specific personal exigencies, which cannot be transacted in naira.
While some need it for their relatives upkeep abroad, many individuals travelling out of the country need it to pay for their foreign expenses.
Procuring forex at a reasonable exchange rate was not a major challenge a few years ago.
The regulatory authourity introduced a flexible inter-bank exchange rate market for those seeking forex.
While black market rate is a bit higher, bank depositors can still get forex at a cheaper rate from the bank for approved personal expenses.
Some of the expenses include payments for  school fees, hospital bills, business and personal travel allowance.
While banks may not want to recognise savings account, depositors with active current accounts can apply for Personal and Business Travel Allowance with their banks.
Some of the peculiar requirements among banks to get the PTA/BTA include the following:
•Have a current account: Banks usually grant forex to customers who have current accounts, which had been in existence for months. The current account must not be dormant and the owner must have a Bank Verification Number.
Bank customers can purchase the PTA for members of their immediate families.
•Fill form: Intending travellers with current accounts can visit any of the approved branches of their banks and apply for the PTA/BTA. While is it easy for those travelling to countries needing visa to get it, others visiting West African countries and places that do not require visa may not be able to get it.
•Maximum application: The maxi-mum limit to apply for the PTA and BTA is $4,000 and $5,000 (or equivalent in other foreign currencies) per quarter. Also, customers are not allowed to purchase both the PTA and BTA on the same trip. They can, however, apply for them within the same quarter.
•Documents: To apply for the PTA, customers is required to produce a valid visa and return ticket and a valid international passport. To apply for the BTA, customers will be required to provide additional information such as a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation, letter of invitation from an offshore business counterpart stating the purpose of the visit and letter of nomination.
•Other requirements: Some applicants may be exempted from presenting a return ticket. For instance, a student travelling abroad to study or already studying abroad and wants to come home on holiday will be allowed to apply for the PTA with a one-way ticket.
Foreign nationals and intending pilgrims can also apply for the PTA with a one-way ticket subject to the presentation of a work/resident permit.

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