Cardi B & Offset Are Reportedly Back Together, Months After Their Public Breakup

According to news reports, Cardi B and estranged husband, Offset, are back together.

TMZ reports that Cardi B has moved back to their matrimonial home in Atlanta, making it clear that the pair may have decided to work things out after all.

However, the reports revealed that this was a hard-won victory for Offset who would be living by some new rules in a bid to keep his family together.

TMZ reports that Offset has had to change his phone number which will be used strictly for business and family.

Another rule, according to the reports is that, Offset would be staying away from his “groupies’ and devoting himself fully to Cardi B.

The news comes months after the world was shocked by news of their separation especially as they had just welcomed a baby girl together.

We definitely wish them the best of luck.

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