GOSPEL MUSIC: Ifunanya Success – Hail King Jesus

“Evangelist Ifunanya Success” aka Ifypraise, was born in Jos, raised in Jos. She hails from Delta State.

She gave her life to Christ in the year 1999, married to Pastor Success, blessed with 3 children. She’s a  mother, wife, entrepreneur, and a Music minister. She’s a Music Minister in the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries.

HAIL KING JESUS, is one out of other songs written and composed by Ifunanya Success, aka Ifypraise.

With all I’ve gone through in life, that gave me every reason without any doubt to Hail King Jesus all the days of my Life.

Connect with Ifunanya Success:

Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: IFUNANYA SUCCESS



Hail hail hail King Jesus

Hail hail hail king Emmanuel

Hail hail hail King Jesus

For you are great you do marvelous things

Verse 1

You are great you do marvelous things

You are  great you do mind blowing things oh You are great you do amazing things

We ascribe all the praises to you.

You are the Lord and you are the gracious God

There’s none like you oh Lord oh

You are great you do glorious things

You are great you do marvelous things.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2

You alone deserves all praises

No man can take the glory to himself

Ascribe all praise to the Lord alone for his love and his faithfulness

Everything I ask you do Lord

Everywhere I go you lead me

When I’m in pains you heal me

See as i dey fresh you feed me Ah!

You are my lord and you are my King

For  you are great you do marvelous things

Repeat Chorus


Hail him (4x) King Jesus. (4x)

Repeat Chorus twice.

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